YM-X11-X1480 GH


YM-X11-X1480 GH X11 Algorithm

Mine Algorithm- X11

Maximum hashrate of 1480 Th/s @ 3,620 W
Able to mine DASH, AXE, ONIX, Digitalprice Classic, CannabisCoin, and MonetaryUnit
Power supply included
Incredible quality from one of the best excavator manufacturers
Very efficient and profitable extraction under optimal ambient conditions
6 months warranty

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  • Miner Version: YM-X11-X1480 GH X11 Algorithm
  • Able to mine DASH, AXE, ONIX, Digitalprice Classic,, CannabisCoin, and MonetaryUnit: 1480+-5%
  • Reference power on the wall, Watts: 3620+-5%
  • Efficiency 4.995j/Gh
  • Dimensions (Length*Width*Hight, w/o package), cm: 320 x 160 x 250mm
  • Net weight, kg: 20.3kg
  • Fans- 5
  • Package size (Length*Width*Hight, with package), cm: 420*220*340
  • Gross weight, kg: 26.10