Dear All Customers,

Recently I have received more and more emails from you regarding miners not working to mine ETC. We want to inform you that all of you cannot mine ETC because you own the V1 version and we have launched the new version of V2.0 miners with a memory capacity of 8GB 1 month ago. We also have the new C01-C02 miner dedicated to ETC mining, which is still on promotion for the next 24 hours. After the expiration of the 24 hours, the price of the C01-C02 miner will increase to the selling price of $8900.

We also offer a 10% discount to all new customers coming to our platform. All you have to do is use the promo code ThankYou10%


Our company has developed a new version of hasboards usable for Ym-2100 and Ym-2400 Mh/s miners. These boards are Version 2.0. They are installed in miners that have V1 boards, and then you can use the miners to mine both ETH and ETC. The above-mentioned plates are:

YM-2100 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0

YM-2400 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0

For each miner, it is necessary to purchase 2 hasboards v2.0.

Also,for ETC mining only we have recently released a dedicated ETC miner,YM C-01/C-02