ETHW/ETF Firmware Upgrade Instruction

Dear Customers:

Thank you for your continuous attention and support to YM products. Free ETHW/ETF firmware is now available (for YM100 & YM 200 Series only).

Upgrade description is as follows:

-Original YM-ETH firmware supports ETHW/ETF mining. For users who have not switched firmware to ETC, ETHW/ETF can be mined directly.

– For users who have already switched firmware to ETC, if you wish to switch back to ETHW/ETF, please download the firmware and upgrade it according to the upgrade guide.

-Firmware upgrade guide file is as follows. Before performing any operation, please read the document carefully. Please contact our after-sales service staff, if further assistance is needed.

Click Here to Download Instruction for upgrade from ETC to ETH 20221031-1.pdf




ETC Firmware Upgrade Instruction

Dear Customers:

Thanks for your continuous attention and support to YM products.

– All YM products will support ETC upgrade. The YM ETC firmware has been tested. (YMC01/02ETC miners no need to be upgraded).

– YM will provide customers with free firmware, and the hashrate will remain the same after the upgrade.

– YM will only support a one-way upgrade of ETH to ETC mining. Once upgraded, it cannot be transferred back to ETH mining (the customer will be responsible for the losses caused by not following the upgrade instructions).

– It is strongly recommended to upgrade 1pc or 2pcs machines and make sure the ETC hash rate in the pool is normal before upgrading for more machines. Faulty operations will lead to damage to machines and returning of machines to factory for maintenance. 

– For key account customers who want to test out the ETC upgrade in advance, we can provide remote support, please get in contact with us


– For more details, please refer to the attached instruction below. Please be sure to read the instruction carefully before the upgrade. And follow the right procedures while upgrading it.  ETC firmware will be provided after POS.

ETC Upgrade Instruction-YM Series-20220908 V2.pdf



Our company has developed a new version of hasboards usable for Ym-2100 and Ym-2400 Mh/s miners. These boards are Version 2.0. They are installed in miners that have V1 boards, and then you can use the miners to mine both ETH and ETC. The above-mentioned plates are:

YM-2100 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0

YM-2400 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0

For each miner, it is necessary to purchase 2 hasboards v2.0.

Also,for ETC mining only we have recently released a dedicated ETC miner,YM C-01/C-02

YM-100 Installation Guide

How to get the miner to start mining? Graphical and text tutorials, quick installation, and avoid operating mistakes.

YM-200MINI Installation Guide

How to get the miner to start mining? Graphical and text tutorials, quick installation, and avoid operating mistakes.

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