I have a Yami Miner ow i need to mine ETC how can change.? I couldn't find any video or post about upgrading

Thank you for your email,

Unfortunately, there is no firmware update for miners that were purchased with hasboard v1 cards. Our company has developed a new version of hasboards usable for Ym-2100 and Ym-2400 Mh/s miners. These boards are Version 2.0. They are installed in miners that have V1 boards, and then you can use the miners to mine both ETH and ETC. The above-mentioned plates are:

YM-2100 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0


YM-2400 Mh/s Hashboard V2.0


For each miner, it is necessary to purchase 2 hasboards v2.0.

Also,for ETC mining only we have recently released a dedicated ETC miner,YM C-01/C-02


Firmware Update Password

To be able to access the Firmware Update section, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] and send us the serial no. of your equipment.

Is the YM-100 & 350 miner compatible with ETCHASH (ETC)?

Our Products are capable to mine ETH or ETC also.

You are able to select EtHash or EtHashETC algorithm depending on which currency you want to mine.

What payment methods do Yami Tech accept ?

Yami Tech currently accepts only Digital Currency Payments :  BTC, LTC, BCC ,Dash etc... Please note that PayPal,COD,Wire Transfer are not accepted

Once an order is placed and a payment currency is selected, the user will receive an invoice with instructions on how to complete their payment or for crypto payments an onsite payment QR code will be generated. Because of currency volatility Only 60 Minutes is allocated for order payment.Please make sure your have enough funds on your wallet before placing an order.

For BTC, LTC, BCC ,Dash crypto transfers, payment must be received and at least one confirmation within 60 minutes after the invoice is generated or the order will cancel. Crypto invoices will expire after this time frame due to the fluctuations in the exchange rates. The Order will be cancelled if payment is not received timely. Once payment is received through BTC, LTC, BCC ,Dash transfer, the Order will be confirmed and Buyers will receive a confirmation email and final invoice will be generated.

Any number I can call ?

We are not a regular online store, we are the official Yami Technology store therefore we do not offer telephone support to any non-customer, only email support is available for all non-customers. Only active customers with at least 1 order placed in our store can benefit from telephone support.

Where goods shipped from ?

Goods shipped from Shenzhen ,China directly and we have very good connections with many manufacturers cos we are China based company ,please be feel free to contact us if you have interest to distribute miners in your local and welcome to mass order .

Is there any custom charging if ship to your country ?

We have our own cooperated forwarder who is very experienced in shipping and always decrease value to avoid high custom duty ,it  always has low custom or even no custom duty in generally ,most countries is ok ,but all depends policies in your local custom and pls let us know if custom has special policies in your local ,we will assistance you to do custom clearance with low value declared customized invoices .

For mass orders ,we will split them into many batches with the same way to avoid high custom duties .

What warranty period do I have for the purchased products?

All products are delivered with an international warranty certificate valid for 12 months. We also offer 24/7 technical support to all our customers.

How much is the shipment for my order and How long it will take to arrive my order?

To find out the shipping time and the related costs, please add the desired products to your shopping cart, go to checkout and enter your shipping data. After entering the shipping data you will have displayed all the options available for shipping the order. as well as the related costs.

Do you ship parcels to my country as well?

We are shipping all over the world without restrictions.

All orders are shipped out directly from our factory warehouse.

Because we don't have a physical store,and we ship from our factory warehouse,in consequence we not accept PERSONAL PICKUP at this moment.

Can you send me some videos, pictures or documents of the products sold in your store?

All our products are delivered with Instruction Manual and documentation. Unfortunately, we do not want to distribute any documents of our products online in order to prevent the appearance of fraudulent websites.

Personal pick up is available?

Unfortunately we do not have a physical store, all products are shipped by the shipping department directly from our warehouse, therefore the Personal Pickup option is not available for security reasons.

Where can I download Update Firmware, tutorials, etc ...?

From the moment you become our customer and purchase our products from our e-Store, you will receive an email with the link to the address where you can download all firmware updates, where you can find all the tutorials created by our company, and the latest news about new products which is under development.

This measure has been taken to prevent the spread of videos as well as firmware updates and the appearance of malicious sites.

I wish to send our representative in china to you to pay and collect the devices ?

Unfortunately we not accept personal pick up order. All orders are shipped directly from the factory warehouse.

I/We would like to be the official dealership ?

Unfortunately, we are not interested in offering exclusivity or signing dealership partnerships with any company. So far, all the stores that resell our products, resell them with an addition of almost 80% over the purchase price.

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